About Us

Social Circle - Powering the Creator industry

Social Circle is a smart platform enabling brands to partner with the World’s best Creators.

If you're a creator...

... we provide a platform, database, and community that helps you become better at building, retaining and monetising your audience.

Our platform allows you to see your channels in one place and track your successes. You can also easily send your profile with accurate verified statistics to brands, and most importantly, you can find out how much you could be charging using the same methods and rates as brands use.  

By being on our platform, you are also on our database. This makes you visible to brands looking to work with creators.

We also have advice articles for creators, including topics on legalities, MCNs, management and fair treatment for Creators. We can point you in the right direction for legal contracts, financial advice and will soon be putting you in touch with great software and tools to help you make even better content!

If you're a brand...

... we provide a platform in which you can identify influencers from our database of over 50,000 creators. You can also track, trend, evaluate and report on your campaigns effortlessly.

And if you’re needing help with a campaign or don’t have the time or resource to do it yourself, we also offer a Managed Service, in which we use our platform and our expertise to ensure a smooth and effective influencer campaign from start to finish.

We are talent and platform agnostic. What does that mean? We work with Creators from all platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc) around the world. Even though we engage with the entire Creator community we have no ties to any specific Creators, agents, MCNs or managers. We will (and do!) work with all Creators.

We know the industry inside out and upside down! Our in-house team includes renowned Creators as well as experienced marketing and strategy experts who have been running “influencer campaigns” for over 7 years.

Our mission is to provide transparency and clarity for all involved with the Creator Industry.

By empowering Creators and Brands with the knowledge and tools to create valuable partnerships, as well as informing best practice, advice and support, we can deliver the best results for all involved.

our team

Our team includes Creators as well as brand-facing folk. You can see more about us here.