Social Circle for Brands

Social Circle for Creators

What is Social Circle?

Social Circle is a platform and service for Brands and for Creators.

For brands, we provide a platform to identify, measure and evaluate influencers, and then report your influencer campaigns in on easy-to-use platform. If you need help with a campaign or don’t have the time or resource to do it yourself, we also offer a Managed Service for brands, in which we use our platform and our expertise to ensure a smooth and effective influencer campaign from start to finish.

For creators, we provide a platform, database, and community.

Our platform allows you to see all of your channels in once place, and track their successes. You can also easily send your profile with accurate verified statistics to brands, and most importantly, find out who much you could be charging using the same methods and rates as brands use.

By being on our platform, you are also on our database - which makes you visible to brands looking to advertise with creators.

We also have advice articles for creators, including topics on legalities, MCNs, management and fair treatment for creators.

What is an engagement?

An engagement is our tried and trusted metric for measuring a creator’s success across their content and platforms. Many brands and agencies use it as a basis for working out campaign costs.

It is calculated by weighting the different ‘engagements’ which can be had by a viewer to a creator’s content. For example, a view holds a certain weight as a baseline metric. However, a comment would hold more weight, as it shows a deeper interaction between the viewer and the content.

What is CPE?

CPE is Cost Per Engagement - the per-pence price for one engagement with one creator. This is calculated based on the creator’s rate for content and the platform algorithms.

How much does Social Circle cost?

It’s free!